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Sovereign required new booklets to promote their families and couples holidays for Spring 2018.


My first project was to create two half-fold booklets; one aimed at families and one at couples. The design required seven versions of each booklet as they listed different airports and prices inside. These 14 different booklets were printed and posted by mail as part of a cold data mailing campaign to attract new customers.

Sovereign families booklet cover
Sovereign couples booklet cover

My second project for Sovereign was to create three separate half-fold booklet aimed at families with children of different ages; pre-school age, primary school age and teenagers. These booklets were printed and posted by mail as part or a direct mail campaign to existing customers.

Final product

SOV families DM TEEN photo.jpg

Sovereign is a tour operator specialising in long-haul luxury holidays.

Awards include ‘Best Tour Operator for Families’ in the Family Travel Awards 2017.

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